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Then the entire camping ground was put to fire and cleared for camping in the next season. Probably the Harappans believed that The Harappan Script The Harappans invented the art of writing like the people of ancient Mesopotamia. Chronologically certain settlements in Malwa and central India, such as those in Kayatha and Eran, were the earliest; those of western Maharashtra and eastern India were of a much later date.

Copper objects have been found in Painted Idia Ware sites. All this indicates that trade and commerce flourished, especially in post-Maurya and Gupta times. As we proceed from the plains of the Indus system through the Gangetic basin to the Brahmaputra basin we find the annual rainfall gradually increasing from 25 cm to over cm The R.s.harma vegetation based r.s.shatma 25 to 37 cm rainfall and possibly the western Gangetic vegetation based on 37 to 60 cm rainfall could be cleared with stone and copper implements and made fit for cultivation, but this was not possible in the case of the middle Gangetic vege- tation based on 60 indi cm rainfall, and cer- tainly not m the case of the lower Gangetic and Biahmaputra vegetation based on to cm rainfall.

Some rivers of Afghanistan such as the river Kubha, and the river Indus and its five branches, aie mentioned in the Rig Veda, The Sindhu, identical with the Indus, is the river par excellence of the Aryans, and it is repeatedly mentioned. Spindle whorls were used for spinning Weavers wove ‘cloth of wool and cotton.

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The seals and images were manufactured with great skill, but. Not like original ncert quality. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. The ancients strove for unity. C He used tools of impohshod, undressed, rough stones, which have been found in south India and in the Soan or Sohan river valley in PakisLan.


The term, jana occurs at about places in the Rig Veda, and the term janapada or territory is not used even once. Ask New Question Sign In.

Several other important crafts flourished in the Harap- pan towns. Possibly they indicate matnlineal traces, and we have a few instances of sons being named after their mother, as in the case of Mamateya. The most numerous varna of vaisya arose out of the vis or the mass of the tribal people The term for family kula is mentioned rarely in the Rig Veda. The Editorial Board is grateful to Professor R. Town Planning and Structures The Harappan culture was distinguished by its system of town-planning.

The deltaic plains formed by these two rivers at rs.sharma mouths shot into historical importance by the beginning of the Christian era when they became studded with towns and ports under the Satavahanas and their successor.

It would thus appear that the palaeolithic sites are found in practically ncery parts of the country except the alluvial plains of the Indus and the Ganga.

How did the neolithic culture differ from the palaeolithic culture? You dismissed this ad. Answered May 24, D in Valabhi m Indiq They however contain many passages which help us to lcconstiuct the political history of eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in the age of Mahavira The Jaina texts refer repeatedly to tiade and tradeLS.

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Jain, Shrimati Vijaya Nath, Dr. Therefore it would be wrong tij think that priests ruled in Harappa, as they did in the cities of Lower Mesopotamia. Ships from and sold by W. Dand the Mma- thas and the Rajputs in the eighteenth cenLuiy. Religious Practices In Harappa numerous terracotta figurines of j women have been found. The Indus people produced wheat, ncetr, tai, peas, etc.

Although his post was liei editary, we have also some traces of election by the tribal assombly called the samiti: This seems to be the case with Ahar and Gilund, which lay mode or less in the dry zones of the Banas river valley in Rajasthan.

Ancient India RS Sharma NCERT

r.s.zharma Water flowed from the house to the streets which had drains Sometimes these drains were covered with bricks and some- times with stone slabs. Although the Harappan culture was a Bronze Age culture, ihdia used bionze on a very limited r.s.zharma, and largely continued to use stone im- plements. Buy the selected items together R.s.shar,a item: Tribe and Family Kinship was the basis of social structure, and a aancient was identified by the clan to which he belonged, as can be seen in the names of several Rig Vedic kings.


Since most sites have been dug vertically they provide a good chronological sequence of material culture. No other people in antiquity had built such an excellent drainage system except perhaps those of Crete in Knossos, nor did the people of Western Asia show such skill in the use of burnt bricks as the Harappans did.

There are side rooms for changing clothes. The Rig Veda has a large’ number of hymns, which explain the prepara- tion of this drink from plants that have not been, satisfactorily identified so far. But some were also incised in the Kharosthi script, which was written from right to left Howevei, the Brahmi script prevailed m the whole country, except for the north-western part Greek and Aramaic scripts were employed in writing Aso- kan inscriptions in Afghanistan Brahmi con- tinued to be the mam script till the end of Gupta times.

He protected its cattle, fought its wars and offered prayers to gods on its behalf.

This epic lias also its didactic portions which were added later, As, a whole the text seems to have been composed later than the Mahabhaiata. Animals were also worshipped in Harappan times, and’ many of them are represented on seals. The Geographical Setting 4. Rig Veda Indra is callod Purandara, which ‘means that he was the breaker of forts. But the position seems to have been diiferent with the Harappans at Lothal.

Safe and Secure Payments. Would anciennt like to ancinet us about a lower price? Nor can we say anything about the religious beliefs of the Harappans without being able to read their script.