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: APOLOGIA DE RAIMUNDO SABUNDE: , Madrid, Editorial Sarpe, Direccion del Proyecto: R. B. A., Editoriales, Coleccion Los Grandes. Results 1 – 22 of 22 Apología de Raimundo Sabunde. by Montaigne, Michel De. and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now. Apología de Raimundo Sabunde by Michel de Montaigne at – ISBN – ISBN – Sarpe. – – Hardcover.

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Such fellowes must somewhat more roughly be handled, for they are more dangerous and more malicious than the first.

Aristotle is of opinion that Nightingales teach their young ones to sing, wherein they employ both long time and much care: For this world is a most holy temple, into which man is brought there to behold statues and taimundo not wrought by mortall hand, but such as the secret thought of God hath made sensible, as the Sunne, the Starres, the Waters and the Earth, thereby to represent the intelligible unto us. What carke and sabunxe apply we not ourselves unto for their sakes?

The Essays of Montaigne/Book II/Chapter XII

It is a matter of divination to guesse in whom the fault is that we understand not one another. Shall we beleeve them that are the principall authors and causes therof?

It fortuned one day that certaine Trumpeters staied before this shop and there sounded a good while; and being gone, all that day and the next after the piot began to be very sad, silent, and melancholy, whereat all men marvelled, and surmized that the noise or clang of the trumpets had thus affrighted and dizzied her, and that with her hearing she had also lost her voice.

And hath moreover instructed them in everything fit and requisite for them, as to swim, to runne, to creepe, to flie, to roare, to bellow, and to sing: What faith is that like to be which cowardice of heart doth plant and weaknesse establish in us?

Apología de Raimundo Sabunde – Michel de Montaigne – Google Books

Doe we not sue and entreat, promise and performe, call men unto us and discharge them, bid them farewell and be gone, threaten, pray, beseech, deny, refuse, demand, admire, number, confesse, repent, feare, bee ashamed, doubt, instruct, command, incite, encourage, sweare, witnesse, accuse, condemne, absolve, injurie, despise, defie, despight, flatter, applaud, blesse, humble, mocke, reconcile, recommend, exalt, shew gladnesse, rejoyce, complaine, waile, sorrow, discomfort, dispaire, cry out, forbid, declare silence and astonishment: This huge Lion, having eyed him afar off, first made a suddaine stop, as strucken into a kind of admiration, then with rraimundo milde and gentle contenance, as if he would willingly have taken acquaintance of himfaire and softly approached unto him: Have we discovered or knowen any unmoveable or insensible stupidity in them?


Hircanus, a dog of Lysimachus the King, his master being dead, without eating or drinking, would never come from off his bed, and when the dead corps was removed thence he followed it, and lastly flung aabunde into the fire where his master was burned.

Plutarke affirmeth this storie to be most true, and to have hapned in his time. And verily I feare therfore, that except this way, we should not enjoy it. Even in beasts that have no voice at all, by the reciprocall kindnesse which we see in them, we easily inferre there is some other meane of entercommunication: The vanitie of our presumption maketh us rather to be beholding, and as it were endebted unto our owne strength, for our sufficiency, than unto her liberalitie; and enrich other creatures with naturall gifts, and yeeld those unto them, that so we may ennoble and honour our selves with gifts purchased, as me thinketh, by a very simple humour: Of the very same effects we must conclude alike faculties, and by the richest effects infer the noblest faculites, and consequently acknowledge that the same discourse and way we hold in working, the very same, or perhaps some other better, doe beasts hold.

Whereas in respect of our religious superioritie, we ought by much, yea by an incomparable distance, out-shine them in excellencie: They have as easie a will as we, but they can doe much more.

The Essays of Montaigne/Book II/Chapter XII – Wikisource, the free online library

The like must dr judged of so many wiles and inventions wherewith beasts save themselves from the snares and scape the baits we lay to entrap them. Hunters assure us that to chose the best dog, and which they purpose to keepe from out a litter of other young whelps, there is no better meane than the damme herselfe: They establish, saith he, by the reason of their judgement, that whatsoover is reported of hell, or of after-comming paines, is but a fiction: All raimunvo is a most evident token that we receive our religion but according to our fashion and by our owne hands, and no otherwise than other religions are received.

Doe we not daily see lovers with the lookes and rowling of their eyes, plainly show when they are angrie or pleased, and how they entreat and thanke one another, assigne meetings, and expresse any passion? View but the horrible impudencie wherewith we tosse divine reasons to and fro, and how irreligiously wee have both rejected and taken them againe, according as fortune hath in these publike stormes transported us from place to place.


And God to be esteemed of us, must as we will show anon draw somewhat neere it. Our actions being apoloag and accompanied with Divinitie, should not then be meerely humane, but even as our beliefe, containe some wonder-causing thing. In whose power it is not to know the least part of it. Nam cupide conculcatur nimis anti metutum. Montaigne Essaysbk. Yet will not raimuno leave to lift up their joyned hands to heaven, give them but a stoccado on their breast: Was not this a very strict covenant?

Justice, which is on the one side, is used but for a cloake and ornament; she is indeed alleadged, but not received, nor harboured, nor wedded. They flatter and faune upon us, they threat and entreat us, so doe we them.

Raymond of Sabunde

Can all this he conceived without reason? I beleeve, neverthelesse, that if a childe, bred in some uncouth solitarinesse, farre from haunt of people though it were a hard matter raimuno make triall of it would no doubt have some kinde of words to expresse, and speech to utter his conceits.

This action doth somewhat resemble that which Juba, a King of that Df, relateth of their elephants; that when through the raimunro of those that chase them, anyone chanceth to fall into certaine deep pits which they prepare for them, and to deceive them they cover over with reeds, shrubs, and boughes, his fellowes will speedily with all diligence bring great store of stones and peeces of timber that so they may helpe to recover him out againe.

Those which have taken it on the left, and those who have taken it on the right hand: Plato and these examples conclude that we se brought to beleeve in God either by reason or by compulsion, Atheisme being a proposition as unnaturall and monstrous as it is hard and uneasie to be established in any mans minde, how insol ent and unruly soever he may be: The considerations ought to be applied and employed to our beleefe, but as subsidiaries: