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Buy Azincourt 1st Paperback by Bernard Cornwell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Agincourt (Azincourt in French) is one of the most famous battles ever fought; the victory of a small, despised, sick and hungry army over an enemy that. Azincourt (Extract). In a group of mercenary English soldiers were among the garrison of Soissons, a town in Burgundian hands that was besieged by the.

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Azincourt (Extract)

Lists with This Book. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This is what it must have been like to fight at Agincourt. Nick is a brilliant archer, and soon finds himself in France, in Soissons, where he witnesses some horrendous betrayal and violence, but those events lead to one positive outcome: Some thought the saints would want revenge for what the French had done to their city, and among those was Nicholas Hook, an English archer, who was present at the fall of Soissons and on the field of Azincourt.

Instead of sending its stone ball screaming across to the French siege works the cannon vanished in a welter gernard smoke, flying metal and shredded flesh. No one else could hope to take Shakespeare’s Henry V, strip it of its rhetoric and tell the unvarnished truth about the Battle cornwelp Agincourt, which saw slaughter on a scale that shocked Christendom and which, only this week, led some French academics to accuse Henry’s soldiers of war crimes.

Azincourt culminates in the battle. This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. I became a little tired of the scene, but I realized this book is about a battle and so what did I expect.

It’s fascinating to hear how much influence a pdestrian thing like mud I, too, am a fan of the middle ages.

No, that’s not fair This is Henry V and it is from the viewpoint of a young archer. His reputation for meticulously detailing the experiences of soldiers has seen the new novel azincojrt the title is the site’s French name – sell 13, copies. I never realized that most armor of those days could be pierced by arrows shot from a longbow, nor had I fully understood why the English had longbowmen, but the French did not.


Jul 20, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: And many of them fight because they think God is on their side.

If she’d stabbed him in the neck with a crossbow bolt, or a small dagger, I could’ve swallowed that, but this version of events was just impossible! Archery has always been cool; aincourt at Agincourt pretty much set the standard against which all other archery coolness is measured.

Azincourt (Extract) | Bernard Cornwell

But if you’re not prone to a queasy stomach or bad dreams, this book may be well worth it. Cornwell bernarrd at his best when The Battle is finally joined for almost all of the last pages. The English are ordered by Henry to hammer sharpened stakes into the ground, forming an impenetrable wall to repel the cavalry, Hook and Tom Perrill agree to end their feud until the battle is over believing they will both be killed by the French anyway.

The protagonist is an archer who participates in the Battle of Agincourt, another devastating defeat suffered by the French in the Hundred Years War. David Robson listens to a plain-speaking archer tell the story of a battle that shocked Christendom. Mar 24, Michael Ames rated it really liked it.

As far its place in Cornwell’s oeuvre goes, it definitely isn’t close to being my favourite, but it is certainly a competently-executed novel that has a flair for dramatic but believable battle sequences. The book relates the events leading to the Battle of Agincourtthrough its protagonist Nicholas Hook. So, after wallowing in my guilt for cormwell a day and wondering how it is possible that I could not like a Cornwell book.

SirJohn Cornweaille was also a fantastic character and endlessly entertaining though he talks about cabbage-farting French a lot. I changed it here, but I can’t change in the comments.

Was azincourr in a different battle or something? Azincourt by Bernard Cornwell – review. A cornwelp simple maps are included, and there’s an informative Historical Note at the end. I believe the author tries to soften it a little by having Saint Crispin’s spirit speaking to Nick who Nick has been praying to and a little love story that seems unrealistic.


Agincourt wins battle of bestsellers | Books | The Guardian

This excerpt tells how the siege of Soissons ended. A series of contemporary thrillers with sailing as a background and common themes followed: But it was a dubious claim, and these men-at-arms and archers are not scholars.

Bernard Cornwell is absolutely terrible at showing the softer side of war. Agincourt is not about nobility and political intrigue, however much I like that sort of story. Click here for suggestions for further reading in Other Books. Descriptions about armor, weapons and archery, in particular the usage of longbows, are expertly detailed.

That is unless you want the non-fiction, factual version of events.

He paused, but no one spoke. If you attempt to reach the castle you will be assaulted in the streets. It is the work of an English yeoman, whereas Henry V was the work of a world-celebrated genius. The town’s capture takes too many weeks, and disease decimates Henry’s army. This page was last edited on 1 Aprilat As a child, Cornwell loved the novels of C. His is no easy read by any definition of easy, swift, or simple. Despite the bad weather and the bad health of his men, on 25 October, St Crispin’s Day, the young king led them to victory.

The campaign starts horrendously with the siege of the port of Harfleur. Plus, he has a personal connection with this campaign against the French. He relocated to the United States in after marrying an American.

Hook rose early every morning, before it was light, and went to the cathedral where he knelt and prayed. These were Sharpe’s Eagle and Sharpe’s Goldboth published in