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Generation “П” is the third novel by Russian author Victor Pelevin. Published in , it tells the An edition by Faber and Faber was also published in the UK as Babylon. A film adaption by Victor Ginzburg was released on 14 April Babylon has ratings and reviews. Anatolij said: [spoilers removed]В ролях:Они – Виктор ПелевинМы – Читатель, Mila said: That was tedious. E. Babylon has ratings and reviews. Jacob said: In some ways this is a mundane story of a uninspired young person making his way in the world and.

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Tatarsky is the perfect personification of Wow.

Homo Zapiens does not follow this formula. Bleak, funny, and kind of visionary–cyberpunk crackle juicing social lelevin satire, to coin a slogan. By choosing a character wrapped up in his own sloganizing and placing him in a world filled with color and detail, Pelevin successfully achieves a sense of life ruined by commercialization without having to make it literal–ever!

That is what makes great literature. I enjoyed reading Homo Zapiens, and I only found it draggy and mindlessly focused at times. Some might suggest that the US in the novel is presented from a very alternative and insightful point of view. Therefore, when Pelevin captured the stage of initial “making up for things amassment” the effect turned out to be particularly powerful.

I had read the Lives of Insects before by Pelevin and I wasn’t all that impressed but Babylon is much better.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The book’s arch opening chapter explains the nomenclature: Tatarsky’s cocaine abuse signifies rather his social status than the addiction itself. Since Amanita Pantherina is brown in colour unlike its red cousin Muscaria, and differs in its effects, it is likely the author implies that Tatarsky ingested both varieties.

The opening line, “Once upon a time there really was a carefree, youthful generation that smiled in joy at the summer, the sea and the sun, and chose Pepsi,” is certainly not a first sentence from a Charles Williams novel.


Although I’m open to many stories and genres, this one just c Pelevin’s book might be better had he and I shared so many of the cultural references to which he points throughout his book. The story follows Tatarsky–not his real name–as he works in Russian advertising to create successful Russian campaigns strictly for American products immediately after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Babylon by Victor Pelevin

Omon RaPelevin’s most controlled work to date, is a novel woven around the fundamental Soviet fantasy of the cosmonaut hero, while The Clay Machine Gun concerns a contemporary madman’s vivid imaginings of his experiences as an unintentional hero of the Revolution.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Gianna rated it did not like it Apr 21, The story deals with themes of post-Soviet Russiaconsumerismrecreational drug useand Mesopotamian mythology. Everything is poorly connected: Pelevin likes to imitate the form of detective fiction, although the search is more important than the destination. In the last third of the novel Tatarsky is initiated into a huge politico-cultural conspiracy – but it is so delightfully realised that to reveal it would be an act of gibbering critical sabotage.

What is important, is that Pelevin’s oranus, is built upon already existing psychological pelein of consumption and defecation. Initially, I thought that this book might just be a slow-starter, but no, I just didn’t like it. When Tatarsky enjoys a mushroom-induced revelation, for example, we are bwbylon that “he was filled with happiness at having managed to formulate the answer to a question that had tormented humanity for the last several thousand years in terms so simple anyone could understand them”.

Jeff Brassard rated it did not like it Jun 10, His jaded cynicism is almost heart-breaking, but we never gain such insight into Khanin’s mind again, let alone other characters like Wee Vova who even manages to have a chapter named after them. Refresh and try again. For marketers or advertising people with a literary bent and ironic mindset, this book is a must-read.

Some critics relate his prose to the New Sincerity and New Realism literary movements. The idea beneath the motif of Mesopotamian Mythology seem to serve the purpose of deification of advertising as in the end the most powerful media corporation appears to be a Chaldean Guild sustaining preserving the balance between good and evil by means of deft informational manipulations.


What is the genre of the novel? I’d have been satisfied if the book stayed along those lines, but things spiral into amazing hyperbole as Tatarsky gets closer and closer to the “truth” – or at least, one version of it.

The wow-factor

The novel is dense, but moves fast, and even occasionally stops for extended scenes or idea-oriented sequences. This is never a good sign. Metaphorically media puppets shown in the novel may actually represent modern authorities whose success without exception depends on media, and how those media present them to people.

To view it, click here. In some ways this is a mundane story of a uninspired young person making his way in the world and inadvertently moving through layers of society he didn’t know existed.

Definitely going to read more Pelevin after this. Babylon confirms Victor Pelevin’s reputation as the funniest and sharpest observer of the chaos and absurdity of post-Soviet Russian life. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Adding in the use of drugs just pe,evin this score from an eight to a nine. I loved reading it as much as it was a slog.

Quotes from Homo Zapiens. Death just means the replacement of the usual morning waking with something else, something quite impossible even to think about.

I will definitely reread this book and plan to read more novels pelwvin this author. Faith in Communism had vanished, to be replaced by sugary brown water.