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Talukder S, Bandyopadhay A, Biswas S, Chakraborty S, Chakrabarti S. Imaging of Compound Palmar Ganglion with Pathologic Correlation. S Afr J Rad. Abstract: Compound palmar ganglion or tuberculous tenosynovitis of flexor tendons of wrist and hand is a rare disease. The incidence of extra-pulmonary. Compound palmar ganglion of tubercular origin with carpal tunnel syndrome is an uncommon condition. The aim of this study is to make.

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The clinical picture is very typical and is always confirmed by histopathology. There were no other detectable foci of infection.

Compound palmar ganglion with carpal tunnel syndrome. The ganglion also contained melon seed bodies figure 3all of which were evacuated completely.

Furthermore, the patient had a history of paresthesias and numbness of median nerve palmr.

Click below to enlarge Figure 1: Compound palmar ganglion causing compressive neuropathy of the median nerve. Carpal tunnel incision Click here to view. Fibrinous material and Melon seed bodies. Ann Plast Surg ; How to cite this article: Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer.

Ann Plast Surg ; A tubercular manifestation of flexor tenosynovitis of the wrist. Histopathology showing large granuloma of epitheloid cells. Ann plast surg ; The condition was associated with pain which was worse at night, disturbing sleep. J Bone Joint Surg Br ; Histopathology of ganglionic comlound magnified view Click here ganglikn view.

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Publication Weekly Epidemiological Record, No. Literature review and case report. Although rare, tubercular tenosynovitis with carpal tunnel syndrome must be kept in mind as a differential diagnosis of gahglion tenosynovitis especially in the developing countries.

Inflamed tendon sheaths were excised after protection of the median nerve. Biceps tenosynovial rice bodies. J Orthop Surg Hong Kong ; There were no contractures and the scar remained healthy.

Compound palmar ganglion with carpal tunnel syndrome.

With lack of pulmonary symptoms, diagnosing this condition is quite difficult. J Coll Physicians Surg Pak ; Compound palmar ganglion, Chronic flexor tenosynovitis, Melon seed bodies Introduction Chronic flexor tenosynovitis of the wrist, commonly of tuberculous origin is also called compound palmar ganglion.

Interfering with the disease before it involves the underlying bones is the main goal of treatment. Compound palmar ganglion with carpal tunnel syndrome. Early surgery can improve the patient functionally by preventing a subsequent arthrodesis which is a major concern for both the surgeon and the patient. Here, we report a year-old male who presented with pain and progressive swelling over the left wrist and hand.

Compound palmar ganglion with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Clinical picture showing compound palmar ganglion. Case Report A year-old male butcher, presented with complaints of an increasing swelling over the volar aspect of his left hand and wrist.

Tubercular compound palmar ganglion causing carpal tunnel syndrome. J Med Case Rep ;3: Compound palmar gangpion of tuberculous origin is uncommon. Authors declare no conflict of interest. But once infected, cokpound can cause inflammation of all tendon sheaths about the hand and wrist resulting in median nerve compression.


In that situation, a debulking tenosynovectomy and chemotherapy is a must for a better prognosis. Tuberculosis TB of synovial sheath of tendon is uncommon, it is a palmwr form of extrapulmonary TB, diagnosis is obvious on clinical grounds in later stages, but is always confirmed by histopathology.

A thorough wash was given and the wound was closed. None, Compoun of Interest: Early recognition and complete surgical excision of the diseased tissue along with appropriate anti-tubercular therapy gives a better prognosis.

There are no signs of recurrence and no other foci of infection. Operative finding of melon seed bodies are highly suggestive of tuberculous tenosynovitis.

The chest was normal clinically and radiographically.

Part II, tuberculous myositis, tuberculous bursitis, and tuberculous tenosynovites. Excision and biopsy was planned and carried out without delay. Tubercular tenosynovitis of wrist and hand is a severe form of extrapulmonary TB. Symptoms and compounx in eleven cases.

With a usual approach to the volar wrist and hand, the skin and fascia was incised and retracted.