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The ECGC Limited is a company wholly owned by the Government of India based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It provides export credit insurance support to Indian. Besides above, ECGC also offers some Special Schemes, such as Transfer guarantees, (covering risk on transfer of funds), Scheme for Small Exporters. Special Schemes – ECGC. Suitability. Special schemes consists of bundle of covers addressing the needs of banks and investors in foreign venture. This apart .

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However, the elements of political risk such as war, civil disturbances, exchange transfer delay etc.

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India

Specific Shipments Political Risks Policy; 3. By using this site, you agree to echc Terms of Use ecbc Privacy Policy. In case there is no such agreement the Corporation should be satisfied that the existing laws of the host country adequately safeguard Indian Investment.

The political risk policy on the other hand provides protection against political risk policy. This also can be either for political or comprehensive risks. The distinguishing features of a Construction Contract are that a the contractor keeps raising bills periodically throughout the Contract period for the value of work done between one billing period and another ; b to be eligible for payment, the bills have to be certified by a consultant or supervisor engaged by the Employer for the purpose and c that, unlike bills of exchange raised by suppliers of goods, the bill raised by the contractor do not represent conclusive evidence of debt but are subject to payment in terms egcc the Contract which may provide, among other things, for penalties or adjustments on various counts.

In case of Projects involving long construction periods, cover may be extended for a period of 15 years from the date of completion of the Project subject to a maximum of 20 years from the date of commencement of schmee investment.

The risks of war, expropriation and restriction on remittances are covered under the scheme. The confirming bank will suffer a loss if the foreign bank fails to reimburse it with schrme amount paid to the exporter.


For covering construction contract, a Construction Works policy can be obtained. GST payable on sale of animal oil, waxes, fats, vegetable oil etc. Transfer Guarantee indemnifies the insured bank for any loss due to the insolvency or default of the foreign bank opening Letter of Credit or due to certain political risks such as war, transfer delays or moratorium, which may delay or prevent the transfer of ecgcc to the bank in India.

ECGC Ltd is the seventh largest credit insurer of the world in terms of coverage of national exports. ECGC Ltd, was schrme in July, to strengthen the export promotion by covering schmee risk of exporting on credit.

Interest will be charged for the instalment facility. For investment in any country to qualify for investment insurance, there should preferably be a bilateral agreement protecting investment of one country in the other.

Specific Contract Policy which also can be for comprehensive or political risks differs from Shipments Policy in that the former provides the exporter not only with the post-shipment cover like the latter but also with some pre-shipment cover from the date of contract.

There are cases where even government or central bank guarantees are available safeguarding payments. When a bank in India adds its confirmation to a foreign Letter of Credit, it binds itself to honour the drafts drawn by the beneficiary of the Letter of Credit without any recourse to him provided such drafts are drawn strictly in accordance with the terms of the Letter of Credit.

The investment should not in any way conflict with the policy of both our government and the overseas government. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India – Wikipedia

Cover for dividend receivables may not be given in case of risky countries; cover only for original investment. The types of guarantees issued by Indian bank are:. Thereafter, the annual premium will have to be paid in such a egc that premium for two years ahead is always kept paid to the Corporation.

Payments for exports are open to risks even at the best of times. Views Read Edit View history. Hence these schemes are recommended to those specific audiences.


If the terms and conditions of the contract undergo any change subsequently, ECGC should be informed of the same, so that changes, if any, in the applicable premium rates can be ascertained. The amount demanded by the beneficiary was paid by it strictly in accordance with the guarantee 3. Export of capital goods on deferred payment terms and schwme of dcgc Projects, construction works contracts as also rendering of services abroad are collectively referred to as Project exports.

An outbreak of war or civil war may block or delay payment for goods exported. The loss or gain within a range of 2 percent of the reference rate will go to the exporter’s account. The cover can be extended for a period of 15 years from the date of completion of the project subject to a maximum sccheme 20 years from the date of commencement of investment.

Retrieved from ” https: The exporters have to rcgc annual report about the progress and working of the Project. However, it would be in the interest of Project exporters to obtain ‘In – Principle’ clearance from their bankers and ECGC assuring them of support in the event of ecbc securing the contracts. The same exchange rate shall be used by the Contractor for the purpose of submitting periodical declarations to the Corporation.

The cover would be available for the original investment together with annual dividends or interest receivable.

Recommendations These scheme are targeted at specific audiences such as banks, investors in foreign countries and exporters taking up long term projects abroad, covering distinct risks faced by them.

Banks may, in the interest of export promotion, consider opting for the Whole Turnover Post-shipment Policy. The Comprehensive Risks Policy provides protection against commercial risks such as Insolvency of Buyer, protracted default, non-acceptance of goods shipped in addition to covering political risk of war, civil war, exchange transfer delay etc.