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Get a Financial Life has ratings and reviews. Beth Kobliner’s book is a great introduction to the most important financial topics that young people. To help you get started, we turned to the latest edition of Beth Kobliner’s book ” Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance In Your Twenties and. Get a Financial Life () is a beginner’s guide to managing your money. These blinks provide essential financial advice on everything from managing debt to.

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Get a Financial Life: Get A Financial Life is literally the textbook-that-reads-more-like-spark-notes to getting your vinancial in order as a young adult. It’s solid advice for younger people. The Brave New World. See 1 question about Get a Financial Life….

Still can’t afford my student loan payments though. Ships from and sold by Amazon.

Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties | Beth Kobliner

Where are you now and where do you want to be? Contents Get a Grip. I don’t see this book as a comprehensive, turnkey guide, but rather a broad survey that will help you figure out where you need to do some deeper research independently.

In her section about healthcare, though, I had to smile at her observation from that while there’s “huge political will to make sure everyone has coverage, [ Koblinsr not that it is incredibly detailed; it just covers basic I first gave this a rating of 4 stars, but I have recently re-read portions of it, and decided to raise this to 5 stars.

Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties

It gives a simple, comprehensive overview of many financial areas. In fact, this book can be a little heavy on the dry tone and hypothetical calculations, and it can be hard to get through the fknancial chapters in one sitting due to the sheer amount of information she crams in.


She seems to be saying, “Here are the facts and the information you need to make a decision” but doesn’t get much into advice. Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties” cover a lot of kobliber – from navigating credit scores, credit card and various types of loans to investing in stocks and bonds, finding a bank institution that works for you, and addressing claims during tax filing.

Though I picked up the revised and updated version, I believe this book was originally published inwhen the economy was still booming. The x spends a great deal of time explaining ATMs and how to balance your checkbook.

These so-called millennials have come of age in the wake of the worst economic crisis in memory, and are now trying to get by in its aftermath. It covers all the basics for a good start to handle your personal finances but even if you are reading this later in life it is great advice to turn things around and get control over your debt and how to save and invest.

It’s not that it’s the best personal finance book ever written; there may be others that are as good or better. Dec 15, Vrinda rated it really liked it Shelves: Deborah Stead “The New York Times” A highly readable and substantial guide to the grown-up worlds of money and business.

Download a preview The best-selling personal finance playbook for younger adults! If you want an easy reading, step-by-step, common sense guide to personal finance, this is it. There are tons of graphs and charts with examples so you can see how some of the topics covered would actually play out. I think the information laid out in this book is crucial for Millenials to understand, and I honestly wonder how many of us actually put in the time to truly know and understand our finances and how we should be planning for the future.


The only thing I did not like about this book was that the information was a bit dated. But I did really enjoy the sections on investing, home buying, and on taxes. More than ever before, people in their twenties and thirties need help getting their financial lives in order. Feb 10, Kara rated it really liked it Shelves: Empirical Insights from the They owe record levels of student loan debt, face sky-high rents, and struggle to live on a budget in an uncertain economy.

Get a Financial Life

If that’s not a glowing endorsement I don’t know what is. Yes, Kobliner gives you hope and the tools to change your future but still, it’s pretty depressing if you are in your late twenties and early thirties like me and haven’t done enough for retirement.

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