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In this tutorial we will look at interfacing KS display controller based JHDE display. There are many displays out there based on KS or. A x64 graphical LCD based on the KS controller chip is required. GLCDexample * * Basic test code for the Arduino KS GLCD library. * This code. ERMSYG-2 is “glcd x64 display graphic lcd module,ks+ks controller,stn lcd,yellow green led backlight,wide operating temperature.

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Graphic LCD Library

One page one row contains 64 columns of 8 rows. There is a free java application available that can convert any of ggraphic PC fonts for use with this library. Most of the remaining others will work when their reset line is connected to vcc. See the documentation in the download for more information. I know that a file with a “. The site link in his code does not respond but you can obtain a copy of his original work in the download section at the end of this article.

The connections to the glcd module must be soldered.

If you’ve read and followed what is written above, make the image below full screen and observe it kcd. This looks straight forward for the command pinsbut not so for the data pins It can be used in any embedded systems,industrial device,security,medical and hand-held equipment. Some methods now have default arguments to make them easer to use.


There are other characteristics like rise time, fall time and address hold time. This instruction can be used for animating the content.

So lets get started. See the diagram above for layout. The method naming is mostly unchanged to facilitate porting of code grahic for the original version. Ideally the command pins should all be on one port and all the data pins together on another. Character LCD only displays the alphanumerical characters. The enable pin works as a clock for the GLCD.

The pin 18 is the output of a negative voltage generator. But that will have to wait llcd we get other things of our plate. We may do a similar tutorial on these MCUs as well.

The above command is translated to the code as below. There will be push buttons next to the displays to select which of the relevant variables to display at that spot. Refer the timing diagram of write and read cycles in the datasheet. Version 3 Officially released June Source code and related downloads can be found on the Google code project: If you are ok with a GPL 3. KS is a dot matrix display controller from Samsung with 64 channel output.


Graphics LCD Basics : KS based JHDE – Tutorials

Only registered users can write reviews. This diagram shows wiring of the common type A panel. However not the pin number The playground is a publicly-editable wiki about Arduino. It can be used in any embedded systems,industrial device,security,medical and hand-held equipment. Just send me a PM.

EastRising gives the promise to every customer to every product we sell on this web store. Sources for Electronic Parts. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. The novice in me thinks that I could change the defines and the pin assignments in the header files to create new header files. Stock levels are based on item’s sales history. Pin descriptions are given below. I will wait patiently and anxiously for your new library. If you’ve used a 16×2 displayed, this works exactly like it.

I found files with the.