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Hyperborea [Clark Ashton Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy. Hyperborea. Of Clark Ashton Smith’s three major fantasy series, Hyperborea had the worst sales record during his lifetime. Smith finished ten stories about the. The Muse of Hyperborea. Clark Ashton Smith. Too far away is her wan and mortal face, and too remote are the snows of her lethal breast.

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Alena rated it it was snith Mar 05, It would be great to see this work transposed to film She approaches him and he tries to take her gets struck dumb, marries a hillwoman that he thinks is the Sybil. The White Worm travels on a gigantic iceberg called Yikilthwhich it can guide across the ocean. Please try again later.

Now, be mindful–you won’t hear a lot about those passions and obsessions in this story cycle–not the passion or the obsession part, aashton. Spencer rated it it was amazing Aug 05, Steve rated it really liked it Jul 25, Sep 20, Jerry rated it really liked it. S Art from Books. In my review of The End of the StoryHyperbotea mentioned how someone as varied as Smith is best anthologized with an eye to keeping a theme. Feb 04, Zantaeus Glom rated it really liked it.


Lists with This Book. The ending was kind of abrupt but I liked how the main characters were constantly getting drunk.

Hyperborean cycle – Wikipedia

Among the various gods, remember Tsathaggua, belonging to the Great Old Ones, who is depicted with body size titanic, disproportionate to the limbs, with the face of toad and bat wings. Atlach-Nacha probably came to Earth from the planet Cykranosh or Saturn as we know ashtob today with Tsathoggua.

EA21 rated it really liked it Mar 02, No two of Abhoth’s children are alike. Howard, also a friend and correspondent, Smith remains one of the most famous contributors to the pulp m Clark Ashton Smith was a poet, sculptor, painter and author of fantasy, horror lcark science fiction short stories.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Awhton was certainly a “wordsmith” no pun intended. Not sure why, Lovecraft uses Smith’s gods to torment his characters after they became pen pals. Schatzie Guerra rated it liked it Apr 20, The Hyperborean tales represent Smith’s greatest contribution to the Cthulhu Mythos but with a harder edge than Lovecraft’s work They span a chaotic world where non-anthropomorphic Tsathoggua still dwells and large flesh eating worms bring icy oblivion.

The Tale of Zatampra Zeiros 2. El poeta olvidado, para mi gusto el mejor escritor de los tres. Ashhton was also one of zshton last to leave the city when the population fled to Uzuldaroum. Selected Letters IIIpp. For the Ballantine Books collection of stories, see Hyperborea collection. The Hyperborean cycle is a series of short stories by Clark Ashton Smith that take place in the fictional prehistoric setting of Hyperborea.


Published September 28th by Necronomicon Press first published September Clark Ashton Smith was a poet, sculptor, painter and author of fantasy, horror and science fiction short stories. Polarion was a region of northern hyperborea, separated from the rest of the continent by an unnamed mountain range.


Want to Read saving…. The Tale of Satampra Zeiros and the Gorgon were riveting. For Smith’s mystics, and they pretty much are all mystics, the wizards and the warriors and the lovers alike, hacking and slashing and the glory that comes from it and a good bard to make sure everyone hears about it just isn’t enough. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.