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Ian A. A. Watson – October 29th, , pm. idigam chronicle. The Idigam Chronicle Anthology is now available in PDF on DriveThruFiction! On the hunt. The Idigam Chronicle Anthology (Chronicles of Darkness) – Kindle edition by Onyx Path Publishing, Chris Allen, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Jim Fisher, Matthew . With all the hype over Blood & Smoke, I’m really interested in seeing the Werewolf equivalent in the Idigam Chronicle book. Thing is, I really.

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The second method has the same result, but is simply faster. I thought before this that the only beings who could play with creation and twist it so completely and were the Abyssals. Daniel Petersson rated it really liked it Mar 31, Eric Crabtree rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Werewolves are always one bad choice away from being the prey. Its activities are likely to focus on changing itself and then playing at being a werewolf, or a person, or an animal, or an ocean — whatever catches its attention.

And that begs the question: They are terrestrial spirits; they were just banished to the moon. Spirits kicked up in the eruption of a volcano might, likewise, prove informative. They are incapable of understanding that the world outside them exists, much less that it matters, and everything they perceive is assumed to be a figment of their imagination.


Attributes, Numina, and Influences. They can coalesce and gain a measure of stability, but the idigam might look around at the living creatures and stable spirits of the world and long for that simplicity. As for living servants, the idigam can order its servants to Claim or possess human beings or animals, or plants, or machines.


The idigam uses its Essence-shaping powers to change the spirit directly see below. Attacking spirits is simple enough, idiga, idigam can consume spirits for their Essence just as.

Trivia About The Idigam Chroni It might be a mass of living rock or gas, but adorned with fleshy antennae or patches of fur. Rumors About Idigam Chronicles. Unless the character finds a way to get rid of this Essence, he runs the risk of growing gravely ill. The idigam chose chaos to survive, but in so doing, they lost their memory. Getting Luna to remember the creation of the idigam, much less admit it, would be an especially heroic feat for even the greatest Awakened in the world.

New Release: The Idigam Chronicle Anthology – Onyx Path Publishing

Therefore, the idigam are simply idigam, completely self-contained spirits. They do not have physical analogs on Earth not because they are alien, but because they are children of chaos. The moon landing was a catalyst, not just the act but the metaphysical weight. Many of the stories focus on the Idigam.


The Idigam Chronicle Anthology

chroniclee Idigam are from the moon? Discovering this origin for the idigam would require us to find a Lune or some other spirit that could identify the Moon-Banished as get of Luna. Paperbackpages. I’m very excited to see everyone’s parts when they’re done writing them.

Formless idigam chronicels change their Numina constantly. KEvin marked it as to-read Feb 13, Its actions just cyronicles off looking random. Maybe the Idigam are from another world entirely, like the void spirits of unknown orgin emerging from deep space. Idigam that indulge in this sort of activity can usually imprison spirits and souls in bodies or objects. Newer Post Older Post Home. If the spirit grows more powerful, becoming a Greater Jaggling, it might retain this single Influence, but it.

The Moon-Banished finds a locus and redirects its Essence, usually into itself. If he steps on it, he might suffer a snakebite.

Setting-wise, how different would you say is the Idigam Chronicle from the Werewolf: