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EN replaces EN Global exports easier for manufacturers after harmonization with international standard. IEC No problem. Buy IEC Ed. Measurement methods for electromagnetic fields of household appliances and similar apparatus with regard to human exposure from. Buy IEC MEASUREMENT METHODS FOR ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS OF HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES AND SIMILAR APPARATUS WITH.

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As specified in 3. This standard includes specific elements to assess human exposure: This document is not meant to supplant definitions and procedures specified in exposure standards but is aimed at supplementing the procedure already specified for compliance with exposure. It is applicable only for the region close to the source and not for homogenous fields.

This document addresses the additional measurement and calculation techniques which permit determination of compliance under one set of specified circumstance, without 622233 to time of exposure or actual exposure conditions. For this step it is important to know the distance lcoilwhich depends on the size of the measured household appliance. The configuration and mode of operation during measurement shall be noted in the test report. If the conditions are not fulfilled another measurement according to the reference method is ief.

Internationally accepted SI-units are used throughout the standard. Methodes de mesure 622233 champs electromagnetiques emis par les appareils electrodomestiques et appareils similaires en relation avec l’exposition humaine. NOTE 2 The 26233 value of the magnetic flux density is the vector addition of the values measured in each direction.

The measurement is not made at the rear of the appliance line D if it is intended to be used when placed against a wall.

Suitable definitions and 622333 measurement techniques are applied in any exposure compliance measurement or assessment. Information on standards BSI provides a wide range of information on national, European and international standards through its Library and its Technical Help to Exporters Service. Valid edition at date of issue. This document is designed as one method for measurement and assessment 26233 electromagnetic EM fields and their potential effect on the human body by reference to exposure standards.


The part in the middle is a cylinder with a diameter of mm and for the head and shoulders the details are shown in Figure D. Measurement of magnetic flux densities in the space around household appliances.

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Narda IEC-62233 Compatible Field Probe for the Extended Mobile Communications Range

When cooling lowest temperature setting. For fundamental operating frequencies greater than Hz and lower than kHz, the coupling factor is ac r1 x 1, The final weighted result, W, can be derived as follows: Electrical household appliances, Household equipment, Electrical equipment, Electromagnetic fields, Electric fields, Magnetic fields, Electromagnetic radiation, Field strength electricMagnetic flux density, Electrical testing, Electrical measurement, Physiological effects human bodyElectrical safety, Equipment safety, Mathematical calculations.

This will usually give a more realistic outcome than neglecting phase completely.

The distance between measuring points is in the range of 0,5 cm to 1 cm. The thermostat is adjusted to lowest temperature setting. NOTE 1 For small appliances, the magnetic field source is assumed to be at the centre of the appliance. The following test report forms are related: Wn where Wn Br. The dependence on the frequency can be compensated by rescaling to the reference level instead of to the basic restriction see step 4.

Standards Catalogue

Numerical study on an equivalent source model for inhomogeneous magnetic field dosimetry in the low-frequency range. For appliances with highly localised fields the coupling factor a c r 1 given in Annex C can be taken into account. The result is the weighted r. If no recommendations are provided, the smallest standard vessel that covers the marked cooking zone is used.


Appliances include such equipment as household electrical appliances, electric tools and electric toys.


If a switching action occurs during the measurements, the measurement has to be repeated. Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere iex the world. The factor k therefore calculates to 14,? The bottom diameters of standard cooking vessels are: The induction heating units oec operated in turn, the other cooking zones not being covered. Appliances not intended for normal household use but which nevertheless may be approached by the public, or may be used by laymen, are within the scope of this standard.

The start and finish of each common modification is indicated in the text by tags??. Line spectrum evaluation No Result Fail Pass 5. In addition to the listed restrictions, exposure of the head and torso to magnetic fields below 10 Hz shall be restricted to a peak value of mT for the general public, and mT in the controlled environment.

For specific apparatus 6233 corresponding coupling factor a c r 1 can be determined as described in Annex C, or if the value still exceeds the reference level when using the coupling factor, it does not necessarily follow that the basic restrictions will be exceeded. Each function separately Controls at highest setting Continuously with the door closed. You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or It is incorporated by Royal Charter.

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