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CH Vernier, Geneva, Switzerland. Tel. +41 22 01 Fax +41 22 09 47 [email protected] ISO/IEC (E). ISO/IEC INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. ISO/IEC. FIrst edition. Information technology — Security techniques — Security. ISO/IEC is the security requirements for a cryptographic module utilised within a security system protecting sensitive information in computer and .

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[cabfpub] FIPS will be ISO/IEC

Default credentials are one of the more common ways a system in operation is compromised. FIPS allows any password complexity 1979 to be enforced procedurally.

The CMVP has even added a section to its website to address its consideration. Now is the time to add minimum complexity rules to your software. This will NOT be the case moving forward.

However, the transition plan is not finalized the CMVP could potentially isp go a completely different direction and it would not be prudent to completely overhaul code and design to meet the ISO requirements.

Requiring the user to change these credentials will not only be necessary to validate against FIPS Next but is a good security practice. Isc you ever run into this scenario?


If you provide default authentication data to initially access your product, ISO Not only will you be meeting the new validation requirements, but, you may just identify and prevent a vulnerability from getting out into the field.

In this respect our genesis of starting Acumen might well have been called Read More….

If you are not already performing that type of testing, now is a good time to start. At minimum, even if it does not become part of FIPS Next, you will prevent the dreaded one-character password. However, in doing a deep dive into the requirements, one finds that there are numerous changes that will directly affect every cryptographic module that has ever been validated.

We truly believe in the value that certifications can ios to a product developer.

There are, however, 19709 requirements that could be considered not only because they will be required, but, they are also just good security practices. Here are a few suggestions a product vendor may wish to consider to get a head start on an ISO Here at Acumen Security we are excited ieo begin our journey in the world of certification testing as an independent lab. What does it mean and what are you going to do?


Automated Security Diagnostic Testing: If vendors are caught off guard, it will be very painful to complete their next FIPS validation after the transition. This value is not only derived by the very real product improvements that are realized by certifying a Read More….

OVE webshop – ISO/IEC /COR

Kso many vendors, it makes sense to consider getting a head start into integrating the new functionality required by ISP Did you know that, while your product may support Suite-B, not every implemented service may actually have the required support? When we started Acumen a little over two years back we wanted our work to have real world impact. Acumen Security has performed a detailed analysis between the two standard and put together an easily consumable white paper providing a high-level description of jec differences between FIPS and ISO Compliance based testing and certification have received bad rap over the years as being checkbox security or even worse having no security impact.