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Java RowSet with examples on Driver, DriverManager, Connection, Statement, ResultSet, PreparedStatement, CallableStatement, ResultSetMetaData. This article introduces the JdbcRowSet interface and its basic usage. This class is defined in the package. JdbcRowSet. jdbc rowset, rowset java, jdbc resultset example, jdbc rowset vs resultset, JDBC RowSet Example. In this tutorial you will learn about wSet.

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The query produces the ResultSet object rswhich is passed to the constructor to create a new JdbcRowSet object initialized with the data in rs: The programmer will use his development tool to bring one more component into the application, the editor that will be used to update the rowset.

Disconnected RowSet objects are also serializable, and kdbc combination of being both serializable and lightweight makes them ideal for sending data over a network.

This RowSet also provide support for synchronized production and consumption of result sets across tier whether be it in an XML format or in a disconnected manner. A session Bean is created when a client begins its session and is closed when the client ends its session.

The main difference is that the rowset used in the order form for The Coffee Break is not updatable by the client; it is simply a list of coffees and their prices that the manager can look at. These properties and a RowSet object’s event notification capabilities explained tutlrial a later section are what make a RowSet object a JavaBeans component.

The home interface CoffeesHome is a factory for Coffees objects. Supplying a user name and password to the method DataSource. If you use the default constructor, you must set some additional properties before you can populate your new JdbcRowSet object with data. All of the reference implementation constructors assign the default values for the properties listed in the section Default JdbcRowSet Objects.

Using JdbcRowSet Objects

When the rowset makes a connection, it will use the information in towset properties, so the programmer or tool will not need to do anything except execute the command string, which you will see later. Getting back to our owner of The Coffee Break chain, he has had one of his developers write an application that lets him project the effects of changing different coffee prices. This excellent feature can be actually realized and appreciated when we start using this feature in JDBC programming.


The owner wants the convenience of being able to make updates by scrolling to the rows he wants to update, so the property for the type needs to be set to scrollable. In this article we shall use Sun’s rowset implementation for the purpose of simplicity.

Using RowSet Objects

These additional capabilities make it more flexible and leverage productivity when used effectively. Examples and practices described in this page don’t take advantage of improvements introduced in later releases.

Examples and practices described in this page don’t take advantage of improvements introduced in later releases. Unless otherwise licensed, code in all technical manuals herein including articles, FAQs, samples is provided under this License.

With scrolling, you can move the cursor in any direction and can go to a row as many times as you like.

In fact, the rowset used in the order form does not need any properties at all set. If a driver for that DBMS does not add the ability to scroll or update result sets, you can use a RowSet object to do it. Which topic are you interested in? Internally the rowset gives the JNDI naming service the string the programmer set for the data source name property.

The final part of our EJB component is the class CoffeesBeanwhich implements the methods that are declared in the interfaces Coffees and CoffeesHome and that are invoked in the class CoffeesClient. These implementations fall ndbc two broad categories, rowsets that are connected and those that are disconnected.

Working with the JDBC RowSet API –

A RowSet object is considered either connected or disconnected. The method rowSetChanged is invoked riwset the contents of the whole rowset change, which happens only when the rowset’s command string has been changed and then executed. Remember to take advantage of the glossary and the index as aids for getting information quickly.


The other three are extensions of the CachedRowSet interface, which provide more specialized capabilities. Now all he has to do in order to get a scrollable and updatable rowset is to call the method execute on the rowset. In the following lines of code, the first line moves the cursor to the last row, and the second line deletes the last row from the jdbcRs object and from the database:.

The CachedRowSet interface defines the basic capabilities available to all disconnected RowSet objects. The owner wants to discontinue selling French Roast decaffeinated coffee, which is the last row in the jdbcRs object.

JDBC RowSet Example

This is useful where communication between rwset component is established via XML. The owner now moves the cursor to the price, which is the third column, and changes the column’s value to Being stateless means that the Bean does not need to retain any information it might get from a client from one method invocation to the next.

The limitation of ResultSet is reduced to a great extent if we use RowSet. A listener could be a GUI component such as a bar graph. A Gutorial object contains a set of rows from a result set or some other source of tabular data, like a file or spreadsheet.

The main purpose of this section is to show you when and why you would want to set certain properties. As you have just seen, the rowset used in our EJB example is a CachedRowSet object that is created and populated on the jcbc tier server.