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Buy KEITHLEY online at Newark element Buy your from an authorized KEITHLEY distributor. The Model Electrometer combines flexible interfacing capabilities with current sensitivity, charge measurement capabilities, resolution, and speed that are. Product Features: Programmable electrometer; Less than 1fA noise; >TW input impedance on voltage measurements; Charge measurements from 10fC to .

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Removing cover which is same as ModelC is easy task, just few screws and we are in. Model Instruction Manual, no schematics, Rev. The instrument’s interfaces also simplify integrating external hardware, such as sources, switching systems, or other instruments, into the test system.

Keithlry with all recent Keithley gear, schematics or detailed construction information is not available.

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Total man-hours spent on this project around 1 hoursgive or take few. Equipment used during restoration project: Dark Current Measurements When measuring dark currents from a device such keithlet a photodiode, the ammeter reads the sum of two different currents.

The is designed for fast, sensitive measurements, providing speeds up to readings per second with fast integration or 17 measurements per second with 60Hz line-cycle integration.

View Cart My Oeithley Many other Keithley Instruments keitbley dumps are available on xDevs. DMMs measure current using a shunt resistance that develops a voltage typically mV full-range in the input circuit. Redistribution and use keirhley this article or any files referenced in it, in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:.


In no event shall the author, xDevs. Model front face Image 2: Model Image In addition to use by researchers in areas such as physics, optics, and materials science, the ‘s affordable price makes it an attractive alternative to high end DMMs for low current measurement applications, such as testing resistance and leakage current in switches, relays, and other components.

When measuring dark currents from a device such as a photodiode, the ammeter reads the sum of two different currents. Built-in IEEE and RS interfaces make it possible to program all instrument functions over the bus through a computer controller. Model voltage reference.

| Keithley Electrometer repair

High resistivity measurements Leakage currents Ion selective electrode measurements pH measurements Conductivity cells Potentiometry. Once, electrometers were simply considered too slow to keep up with the high throughput that production test applications demand.

If keithlet would like to support us by making a donation please click the Paypal button: Model Quick results guide, Keithlwy. Model Image 8: Low Voltage Burden The ‘s feedback ammeter design minimizes voltage offsets in the input circuitry, which can affect current measurement accuracy. Main PCBtop and bottom view Image 5: If you willing to contribute or add your experience regarding any test instruments or provide any extra information, such as firmware dumps, internal photographs, you can do so following these simple instructions.


Credits and thanks to ToddAlan and all our readers to make this all possible. Typically, offset currents in DMMs are tens or hundreds of picoamps, which severely limits their low current measuring capabilities compared to the with 3fA input bias current.

The ‘s exceptional measurement performance comes at an affordable price. Two analog outputs-a 2V output and a preamp output-are available for recording data with stripchart recorders.

Time worklog summary Total man-hours spent on this project around 1 hoursgive or take few.

These instruments usually have special low-leakage shielded input connectors, often with triaxial design with PTFE insulators. Applications include measuring currents from light detectors and other sensors, beam experiments, and measuring resistances using a current source.

This leakage current represents an error current. Main PCBtop and bottom view. A, May Model Datasheet Brochure As with all recent Keithley gear, schematics or detailed construction information is not available. Electrometers provide keitjley measurement with lower terminal voltage than is possible when making DMM measurements.